TV Club: Hannibal: Contorno

I just love watching Jack Crawford kick ass. In “Mizumono,” the dance — and let’s be honest, it’s much more a dance than a fight — had each party on much more even footing. They begin their fight with Hannibal looking down at Jack as he stands in the courtyard. Jack has shed has scattered Bella’s ashes, shed his wedding ring, and is seeking revenge not just for his own wounds but for the death of Inspector Pazzi. Pazzi’s wife is a widow and no one knows the pain of that at that exact moment like Jack Crawford. They end the scene together in reverse, now it is Jack that looks down at Hannibal who is the one who is forced to flee, more broken and battered than he was before.

Their dance is the first time that Hannibal has been the underdog. It is said time and …

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