TV Club: Hannibal: “And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…”

Hannibal may be behind glass, separated from Will, but they’re still a family, whether Will wants them to be or not. That’s the narrative that Hannibal pushes throughout their initial meetings about the murders committed by Francis Dolarhyde. “Family values have declined over the last half century but we still help our families when we can. You are family, Will.” The title of this episode, “And the Clothed with the Sun…,” is apt for an episode about family because in William Blake’s painting (that Dolarhyde is obsessed with and takes on as his alter ego) and, in turn, the Book of Revelation in which the painting is inspired, the “Woman Clothed with the Sun” is a mother. She gives birth to a baby that the Red Dragon seeks to destroy, starting a great war. She’s likened to the Virgin Mary, this ultimate mother figure of a …

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