TV Club: Hannibal: “…And The Woman Clothed In the Sun”

Like “…And The Woman Clothed With The Sun” dealt with Hannibal’s well-worn theme of family, “…And The Woman Clothed In the Sun” explores another one of Hannibal’s familiar themes: perception versus reality. But this episode differed from the others. While other seasons, specifically the first, looked at how the world perceived characters like Hannibal, based around how he presented himself to the world, “And The Woman Clothed In The Sun,” looks at how characters perceive themselves and how that projection is, in turn, what others see. The episode largely ignores many characters to focus on the self-perception of both Francis Dolarhyde (with an assist from Hannibal) and Will (with an assist from Bedelia).

Dolarhyde begins his portion of the episode by talking to Hannibal, sitting with him as if they are patient and doctor, much like Will and Hannibal worked in the early part of their relationship. “Your …

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