TV Club: Hannibal: “…And The Beast From The Sea”

Alanna: Would you have told me the truth?

Hannibal: In my own way, I always have.

There’s the rub, really. Hannibal very rarely lies. In fact, I’d almost be willing to say he never lies outright, because to do so would be rude; and, worse, it would be tacitly admitting inferiority, or at least equality. A large part of Hannibal Lecter’s appeal in any incarnation has always been his arrogance, his persistent assumption that he is a higher sort of species than the rest of us naked apes. The other part of the appeal is that, intentionally or not, the stories surrounding him tend to confirm this assumption. You only lie to someone you believe capable of understanding the truth. Instead of falsehoods, Hannibal plays word games. He distracts with philosophy, when his listeners should be searching for more immediate relevance.

“…And The Beast From The Sea …

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