TV Club: Hand Of God: “Your Inside Voice”

With a bold, outlandish premise and a powerful, imposing lead, it’s surprising—and not a little disappointing—that Hand Of God lacks a strong center, but, in its second episode, the show continues to drift. Ron Perlman’s Pernell Harris is intended to take his place in line after the big boys of modern television antiheroes, but the thing that the Drapers, Sopranos, and Whites had going for them was a well-articulated core. If their stories played out like Shakespearean tragedy, it’s because we knew their characters well enough to spot their tragic flaws, and watch them struggle (and fail) to overcome them. Pernell Harris’ conception continues to leave him (and Perlman) lurching from scene to scene in search of purpose, a construction which may make sense for a guy receiving inconsistent, vague messages from God, but which leaves Hand Of God floundering.

“Your Inside Voice” sees Pernell …

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