TV Club: Hand Of God: “Welcome The Stranger”

After an episode that gave Hand Of God‘s expansive cast some much-needed time to establish itself, “Welcome The Stranger” walks back any progress made with the series most forgettable outing yet. At the halfway point, it’s clear that creator Ben Watkins and company have no handle on what Hand Of God is supposed to be, what it wants to say, or even who the show is really about.

It’s even more disappointing since, like last episode, “Welcome The Stranger” eases back on the series central (and dramatically stultifying) gimmick—in fact, this is the first episode where Pernell hasn’t had a vision at all, instead musing offhandedly to Crystal, “He’s never gone this long without talking to me before.” And while it’s fine—more than fine—that the show is avoiding the “Pernell has a vision and runs around” structure of its first episodes …

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