TV Club: Hand Of God: “The Tie That Binds”

“So you’re saying that Anne ordered somebody to rape Jocelyn in front of P.J. to cover up someone stealing a book? In what world does that make sense?”— Crystal Harris

“There’s a difference between real life simple and TV simple.”— Bishop Congdon

In the end, Hand Of God can’t even pull off its lowest aspirations.

Billed as the story of a conservative, morally corrupt judge forced to reevaluate his ways after a religious awakening, the show never engaged meaningfully with any of the spiritual or moral implications of Pernell Harris’ conversion to born-again Christianity. What religious debate there was came from the judge’s fight over the fate of his comatose son and whether daughter-in-law Jocelyn could pull the plug. Whenever Pernell’s faith reared into view—other than when he used it as a cudgel to crudely mock a Jewish adversary who annoyed him—it …

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