TV Club: Hand Of God: “One Saved Message”

“One Saved Message” is the sort of episode that attracts an actor. It’s easy to imagine Ron Perlman looking at the big emotional moments here, the flashbacks and shifting perspectives on Pernell Harris’ character and signing on for the whole enterprise. And he’s as good as he’s been on Hand Of God in the episode—as disjointed as his characte’s been throughout, Perlman’s powerful presence has shifted ably from scene to scene as needed. “One Saved Message,” however, is still an episode of Hand Of God, which means that Perlman—left to carry an unstable load on those burly shoulders—is left lurching and stranded in the middle of an often bewildering mess. Here, Pernell goes to therapy and we see his backstory with P.J. and it’s all suitably moving as expected, even as it shows again how poorly constructed Hand Of God …

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