TV Club: Hand Of God: “He So Loved”

In “He So Loved,” Pernell’s one vision comes late, and doesn’t influence the plot of the episode, which allows Hand Of God some time to backfill nearly everyone’s stories. After the pell-mell plotting left Pernell (and the show) running ragged on a series of vision-directed tasks last episode, it’s really the first chance the show has given itself to take a breath, and, as a result, the episode boasts enough interesting character beats to hint at what a better Hand Of God might look like. Not everyone’s story was as interesting, but at least the show’s world filled out a bit.

For Emayatzy Corinealdi’s Tessie, that means seeing who she is other than Pernell’s prostitute mistress. Tessie gets a sympathetic friend (also a prostitute, but everyone makes workplace friends) to talk out her changing relationship with Pernell, and we also see her …

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