TV Club: Hand Of God: “For The Rain To Gather”

“For The Rain To Gather” pulls the neat trick of providing some supporting characters with interesting enough stories to point out how Hand Of God lacks a main character. Ron Perlman’s in there swinging, but Pernell Harris isn’t so much conflicted and tortured as he is buffeted to and fro in a series that’s never defined him.

Ron Perlman

Tonight, Pernell, frustrated by the lack of recent visions, takes Paul’s advice and fasts, despite the fact that Crystal’s recent couple’s dinner’s have brought them closer together than they’ve been in years. When he barges into Jocelyn’s memorial/poetry reading/shadow puppet theater in P.J.’s room, he hears P.J.’s disembodied voice (“The Devil is close, find the devil”) alongside an effectively spooky, elongated arm of one of the shadow puppets stretching out to indicate… someone, before a security …

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