TV Club: Hand Of God: “Contemplating The Body”

Never has the narrative clumsiness at the heart of Hand Of God‘s premise been more apparent than in third episode “Contemplate The Body.” The body in question being that of rapist cop Shane Caldwell, murdered by Garret Dillahunt’s K.D. at Pernell Harris’ order (or God’s order, if you believe as Pernell does that he’s getting orders from above). Informed that their lackluster planning has all but ensured that K.D. will be followed by the police, Pernell takes a van out to the grave and starts digging.

Never mind that the supposedly brilliant judge goes out on his task in a suit and without gloves, or that ex-con K.D.—clearly no stranger to such dealings—has advised him on every step of the plan, Pernell takes so long in the digging that the sun comes up, bringing a text message from Dana Delany’s …

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