TV Club: Hand Of God: “A Flower That Bees Prefer”

After Pernell spent last episode talking out what was behind his breakdown, “A Flower That Bees Prefer” wastes no time kicking Hand Of God‘s plot back into gear. Pernell’s still seeing P.J. around the house, but he dutifully takes his medication, telling a warily hopeful Crystal, “Oh, he’s there. He’s just not real.”

Of course, Hand Of God isn’t a series about a judge who has a nervous breakdown and then works everything out through proper psychiatric treatment, so the comatose P.J. also speaks to his father from his hospital bed, badgering Pernell with having broken his promise to find those responsible for Jocelyn’s rape and pointing out that the visions have successfully led Pernell partway up the conspiracy ladder. Add to that Jocelyn’s out-of-nowhere announcement that: 1. She found P.J.’s never-before-mentioned cell phone, 2. She knows Pernell was …

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