TV Club: Hand Of God: “A Bird In Hand”

It’s tough to sell dramatic irony when it’s only possible through a liberal application of contrived plotting. Just putting that out there at the outset.

Josh is dead.

Hunter Parrish’s best buddy/possible love interest/suspect hasn’t had much to do other than what those roles suggest, but, as tonight, his exasperation at the Harris family’s machinations has allowed some fresh air into the plot, so that’ll be missed now that K.D. has slit his throat. That Garret Dillahunt’s K.D. is able to slit poor Josh’s throat is a matter of absurd plotting that points up once more the serious deficiencies in the writing of Hand Of God. Not only are the circumstances of the actual murder rife with some ludicrous, overheated contrivance, that the whole episode is consumed with setting up his death only highlights how Hand Of God …

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