TV Club: Hamilton’s America is an antidote to Trump’s

There are moments in the PBS documentary Hamilton’s America—about the musical Hamilton and the man on which it is based—that become especially poignant when viewed through the prism of the current presidential election. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s father Luis Miranda Jr. talks about moving from Puerto Rico to New York, explaining how he believes immigrants are “smart, hard workers.” (You might as well say, they “get the job done.”) Barack Obama nods as actor Christopher Jackson belts “One Last Time” as George Washington; a sitting president in the last days of his tenure taking in his dramatized predecessor bidding farewell to the office. And then there’s just the general bipartisanship of the talking heads featured: Both Paul Ryan and Elizabeth Warren have words of praise our government and one of the men who built it. Though, mind you, Warren does call Hamilton “the ultimate elitist.” As the …

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