TV Club: Halt And Catch Fire: “Heaven Is A Place”

In the end, everyone is who she is.

As the second season of Halt And Catch Fire ends, Cameron and Donna take what they’ve learned and triumph, while Gordon and Joe revert back to who they were and are left behind. Not that the lead characters of season one see themselves that way, necessarily.

Gordon, bankrolling Mutiny at least partly in order to save his crumbling marriage, smiles and makes jokes about having another kid as the plane to California prepares to take off. As ever, Gordon is unable to read the room, his constitutional desire for everything to go back to normal (or his vision of normal) blinding him to Donna’s veiled distress, both her painful memory of her recent abortion (which, to be fair, Gordon doesn’t know about), and her ongoing realization that life with Gordon will always involve coping with disappointment. And when, flipping …

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