TV Club: Halt And Catch Fire: “10Broad36”

In its undeniably improved second season, Halt And Catch Fire remains a collection of parts rather than a unified whole. In “10Broad36,” most of those parts are effective on their own, but, like the cobbled-together machine the Mutiny gang tries to sneak past Joe tonight, there’s an air of potentially promising new pieces being fitted into an old shell.

The war has always been between Halt‘s desire to delve meaningfully into the tech aspects of the 1980s computer revolution and its melodramatic aspirations toward prestige drama. At times, each has been successful, but the show’s attempts to wed subject and theme have often been derailed by its clear initial desire to create the new AMC antihero. Season two’s do-over has been the show’s attempt at a course correction, with the Mutiny storyline trying more directly to make Cameron and Donna’s efforts at creative expression …

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