TV Club: Guilt and dead animals define another solid outing from Outcast

If a TV show in any way deals with Catholicism, there’s sure to be some time given to the exploration of guilt. It’s a theme built into religion, and is a convenient (but not necessarily simple) way to complicate a show’s moral outlook. It’s evident in Daredevil, Ray Donovan, and even in Preacher, where it sits among the exaggerated genre tropes. Outcast isn’t exactly heavy on the religion, but it is interested in guilt, alongside all the hellfire and brimstone. Where the series premiere offered up an immediate look at the type of world the small town of Rome is situated within, one where demons and possessions aren’t so farfetched, β€œ(I Remember) When She Loved Me” takes a little more time establishing the smaller details, giving life to Rome and the people that populate the town.

Much like the premiere, β€œ(I Remember) When She …

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