TV Club: Guess who’s coming to dinner on The Knick

That’s how you open an episode. You wave a disembodied eye in our face. Not an eyeball, mind. This is the facade of a single human eye, lids and all, somewhat resembling the Freemason Eye Of Providence, subtly suggesting an organized secret power. The uncanny likeness is lidded in stiff rubber at the end of a hypnotist’s wand, a festive string of lights in the background heightening the sense that something special is happening. The scene is punctuated by Thack’s reactions from the audience: amusement, expectation, delight. It’s aliiive! Last week Edwards sat in an audience just like this in order to play a generic statue, but “There Are Rules” gets specific and weird in both content and form. The episode is full of horror cues, not to frighten us but to excite us, to alert us that something might be up. Dr. John Hodgman surprises …

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