TV Club: Guardians shows that family matters, but is less concerned with logic

I’m starting to realize that Guardians of the Galaxy is trying to be more “cartoon” than “animated action show.” This is a bad idea, for a few reasons. One, the animation, while making incremental improvements, isn’t pliant enough to sell the exaggerations needed to make the looser, more physical bits work. Two, playing around with gaps in narrative logic in regular cartoons work because of comic momentum, which the show isn’t doing all that well. Three, the chaos works best with the characters doing whatever they can as everything goes to shit, provided that “whatever” is grounded and clearly defined. The action and visuals can’t really surpass the nature of the characters themselves. (As an example, the kind of action scenes that you see in, let’s say, Batman: The Animated Series aren’t the same kind of action scenes you can get away with in …

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