TV Club: Guardians of the Galaxy returns strong at first, then gets stampeded by its execution

Guardians of the Galaxy returns, a show brimming with exotic, quirky potential that constantly hurts itself with a weird obsession with forced comedic bits, inconsistent characterization, and a tendency to get sloppy with the story–usually right when things get interesting. So, I guess, “Space Cowboys” felt it was necessary to ensure all those boxes were checked off, lest anyone think things were going to change, especially after the very good “Bad Moon Rising.” I’m still supportive of the show overall, and I know (and accept) that, to a certain level, the show has to deal with kid-level plotting and gimmicks for their attention. My complaint is the execution of these plots and gimmicks, which detracts from the story and the core comic (and dramatic) potential of the characters as they are.

Take Drak’s whole thing about his cooking, which the rest of the Guardians try to avoid …

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