TV Club: Grimm: “You Don’t Know Jack”

A few episodes ago, I made the observation that the consistency of Grimm is the reason why the show has remained a sturdy performer over the years. Yet there’s a dark side to that statement, in that Grimm‘s faults are as consistent as its strengths—more to the point, its two most problematic characters, Juliette and Adalind, have always been its most problematic. Juliette has long been without purpose, kept in the dark about the Wesen world in season one, trapped in an dead-end amnesia plot in season two, and struggling for relevance in much of season three. And despite early promise as an antagonist Adalind’s spent over half her time feeling like she’s part of a different show (one set in Europe by way of cheap green screen), reacquiring her powers or negotiating terms with royals.

The fact that the show has gone the distance …

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