TV Club: Grimm: “Iron Hans”

The best compliment that I can give “Iron Hans”—and it’s an episode that earns itself a lot of compliments—is that it earns the title of “game changer” without any need for clarification. Throughout the lifespan of Grimm, fans have always been able to rely on one constant, the reliability of Aunt Marie’s Airstream to solve any problem facing the team. And now at the end of this week, that Grimm institution (Grimmstitution?) is reduced to ash at Juliette’s hands. Centuries of research, resources, and weaponry have gone up in smoke, a betrayal that was entirely her choice to make and one accompanied by a woge that’s nothing short of triumphant.

The decision to burn things down literally and metaphorically caps off what’s easily the strongest episode of Grimm since the show returned from hiatus, and also a contender for best episode of the …

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