TV Club: Grimm: “Hibernaculum”

It’s difficult to pin down my feelings on this week’s episode of Grimm, because more than any episode in recent memory, this is one where my appreciation of what’s going on fluctuates wildly with every scene. The various twists in the case of the week were confounded by the way it stretched credulity, even by this show’s standards. (How many corpsicles can you have in a city before reasonable people start asking what’s going on?) Interesting parts of the Monroe, Renard, and Juliette stories were introduced and almost immediately pushed aside by the next scene. And for a weekly case that was succeeding on its own merits, it’s infuriating to see the show get rid of its complexity in favor of trying to emulate The Walking Deadthe worst season of Walking Dead, no less. (Stupid farm.)

The reason for that is a problem …

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