TV Club: Grimm: “Headache”

As the grades for the last few reviews indicate, Grimm has been going through a fairly terrific upswing late in its fourth season. It’s interesting because that growth comes from two seemingly opposite sources, an acknowledgment of the show’s mythology and its willingness to destroy parts of that mythology in ways that can’t be excused with a wave of the hand. The moves to push Juliette and Adalind to opposite sides and eradicate both Nick’s relationship with Juliette and the trailer have worked because of the level of familiarity we have, using callbacks and flashbacks to reinforce where we’ve come from and how far in another direction we’ve gone. It’s made things more exciting than they’ve been in years, raising the question of how far is too far.

However, amidst all the good stuff going on, one outlier has been sticking out …

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