TV Club: Grimm: “Double Date”

Grimm is a show that loves the idea of duality. While every single one of its weekly cases deals with someone who presents one face to the world while concealing another, so many of its episodes go a step deeper to show the toll that process takes on a person. You have Wesen who deny their heritage to homicidal extremes, Wesen who spiral downward when their other identity is taken from them, and Wesen willing to inflict terrible pain in the quest to be normal. Our main characters frequently go through similar shifts, beginning with Nick’s reconciliation of being a cop and a Grimm (CopGrimm GrimmCop, if you want to echo Mysteries Of Laura) and expanding as more people are brought into this world and have to decide how much to tell those around them.

Finding a new way to tell those stories gets harder the longer a show …

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