TV Club: Grimm: “Cry Havoc”

Throughout its history, Grimm has always found a way to steer out of the corners it’s painted its main characters into, always in a way that leaves them stronger and more united than before. Juliette was struck by magical amnesia, then she wasn’t and in fact became fully aware of what was going on. Nick was frozen and in the royals’ clutches from Cracher Mortel poison, then he came back able to enter a superhuman state, iZombie-style. Nick lost his Grimm abilities, then he regained them with a combination of magic and sexual congress in time to save his best friend. Consequently, as strong as the last few episodes have been, there has been a large part of my brain that worried the writers would similarly contrive a way for Juliette to step back from the dark path she’s been on, putting her on a tentative …

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