TV Club: Grey’s visits both old and new territory in the devastating “Sound Of Silence”

Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that automatically entices a “Jesus god, is that still on?” when most people hear it mentioned nowadays. Now midway through its 12th season, the ensemble medical drama has seen a multitude of cast turnover, any number of medical oddities, but most importantly, numerous tragedies that befall its good-looking lead cast. If it was a more supernatural type of show, no one could be blamed for considering that Grey-Sloane Hospital must be located near some sort of hellmouth. Fires, floods, car crashes, truck crashes, plane crashes, mad shooters, cancer, plagues, loss of limb: They have all attacked the Grey-Sloane staff, to the point where even the characters themselves mutter out loud, “Why does this stuff keep happening to us?”

From its onset, Grey’s has used the various cases on the show as an analogy to what was going in the characters’ lives …

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