TV Club: Grey’s Anatomy: “You’re My Home”

Shonda Rhimes and I have had our differences over the years, but no one can say that she doesn’t play her high levels of drama like a frickin’ fiddle. Every year for the past decade, she saves her highest stakes for one night and one night only: the Grey’s Anatomy season finale. We’ve had plane crashes, mad shooters, proms, electrical outages. Last episode, in preparation for the season-11 finale, an entire traffic tunnel collapsed, injuring innumerable Seattleites.

Rhimes knows what she’s doing. She’s aware that her Grey’s fans, if they’re still watching after she offed the beloved Derek Shepherd, have had about all they can take this season. Yes, it was the television event that launched a bizillion “That show’s still on?” jokes, but the reality is that millions of people still watch Grey’s every week. It has placed in …

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