TV Club: Grey’s Anatomy reboots Meredith Grey

For all of the deserved acclaim that last week’s half-silent episode gained for Grey’s Anatomy, there’s one truth that the show really can’t get around. Over the course of 12 seasons, Meredith Grey has had one whole hell of a lot of bad things happen to her. As she rattles off to her new therapist, her mother, stepmother, sister, and husband are dead. And that’s not even counting all the other weirdness that goes on at that hospital. Tonight a whole ambulance explodes right outside its doors and people barely blink, except to bring it up in passing later: “Hey, did you hear about that ambulance that blew up?”

Grey’s being Grey’s, the show decides to tackle the ridiculousness of Meredith’s life by taking it head on. “Have you read my file?” she smirks to the therapist. She’s so accustomed to …

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