TV Club: Grey’s Anatomy finally finds the joy in a single day

  • This is one of those Grey’s where there are just too many nice people in peril, so you know that one of these people we actually like isn’t going to make it. Granny June going dark was a nice twist, but as soon as we lost a liver, that old astronaut didn’t have a chance.
  • Episode directed by Chandra Wilson, who has actually directed quite a few of these. And one Scandal.
  • “I hugged you and you haven’t even peed on a stick yet?”
  • What a good actor that baby was! Crying all over Hunt and shutting up with Karev.
  • The Amelia pregnancy story was the dumbest. Sometimes it’s hard to believe these people are actually doctors. Everyone knows you don’t tell until three months, once you’re out of the first trimester, not before you even have had a pregnancy test! “Should I …

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