TV Club: Grey’s Anatomy channels Memento to chart a failing marriage

Though it’s certainly fair to call Grey’s Anatomy a medical procedural, that term implies a kind of repetitiveness Grey‘s has never really settled for. Sure the show has aired plenty of straightforward episodes that balance medical procedures with soapy relationship drama, but since the beginning it’s demonstrated a willingness to play around with its structure. We watched as Meredith spend time in purgatory with Denny, we flashed back to the early days of Ellis and Richard’s careers, and we even got a glimpse of an alternate universe version of the show for no reason at all. Hell, Grey’s even did a goddamn musical episode five seasons ago!

While that kind of structural playfulness has long been a part of the fabric of show, it’s been especially noticeable this season, as if the death of Derek Shepherd emboldened Grey’s to take more risks …

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