TV Club: Gretchen throws a party and showcases You’re The Worst at its best.

In spite of this supposed Golden Age of Television with all of its innovative storytelling and “complex” characters and yada yada yada, TV still has a hard time with flawed characters. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shortage of them, but more often than now these shows depict perceived flaws in characters as something to be fixed or changed to achieve some standard of normalcy. Take a look at the worst of the romantic comedy genre: Nine times out of ten, there’s some character with a fear of commitment, or who doesn’t believe in true love, or who lives recklessly, and the solution to these problems is just a soul mate away. But at the risk of making a head-slappingly obvious point, that’s not how people work. Flaws are just a part of the human character. Some are worse than others, sure, and they come …

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