TV Club: Gretchen plays mom to the rest of the gang on a very funnyYou’re The Worst

Jokes come and go, but structure is forever, at least when it comes to sitcoms. There’s a certain thrill that comes from watching a sitcom episode that’s clearly structured with intent as opposed to just watching scenes strung together by jokes and setpieces. Think of the best episodes of Cheers, or Seinfeld, or 30 Rock, or [insert another pantheon sitcom here] and then think about its best episode: Chances are that its structure heavily contributes to its quality. A good foundation is necessary for an ensemble and comedy to shine.

“Genetically Inferior Beta Males” is likely this season’s best episode of You’re The Worst purely on a structural level. Bookended by Gretchen’s therapy sessions, the episode features three subplots beautifully weaved around Gretchen’s motivation, i.e. her insistence to prove her mother’s parenting tactics were great by employing them on her fucked-up friends …

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