TV Club: Greg and the Gems struggle with parenting (and complexity) on a Steven Universe holiday special

Just a week after the fall special, we get another seasonal Steven Universe, this time a flashback to the winter after Steven was first born. It’s more of an ordinary Steven Universe episode than anything resembling a traditional Christmas special, and “Three Gems And A Baby” is a bit less funny than that title makes it sound–but that still means it’s a pretty good episode of Steven Universe. Lamar Abrams and Katie Mitroff take their time building to the moment Greg and the Gems began to grasp one of the most important parts of the show’s premise: what Steven is.

As the flashback opens, Greg is trying to get through his first winter with baby Steven, a challenging prospect given that not only does Greg know nothing about how to take care of himself (let alone a human child), he’s also repeatedly, forcibly confronted with …

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