TV Club: Gravity Falls: “The Stanchurian Candidate”

Never has reality made satire obsolete quite so spectacularly as what we see in “The Stanchurian Candidate.” This is a fine episode, but the funniest joke may be the one at the episode’s (and, um, the nation’s) expense, in that the central premise is that a brash, huckstering loudmouth launches a self-aggrandizing political campaign in which he says whatever crude, terrible things pop into his head … and that goes over so much worse with the lunatics of Gravity Falls than it does when Donald Trump pulls that exact same crap in real life. I mean, say what you will about Stan’s plan to stimulate the economy by invading nearby towns, but it’s no more incoherent or absurd than whatever the hell it is Trump says he’s going to do to Mexico.

This is where Gravity Falls, with the lengthy production cycle of all non-South …

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