TV Club: Gravity Falls: “Dungeons, Dungeons, And More Dungeons”

For however long Great-Uncle Ford is going to be on the show—and, accomplished voice actor though he absolutely is, a newly minted Oscar winner like J.K. Simmons doesn’t seem likely to stick around the show indefinitely—the show’s task is to sketch out just what the character means to the rest of the Mystery Shack. There’s a plot component to this, which we get a pretty good sense of at the end when Ford talks about the inter-dimensional rift at the end, and the Ducktective finale at least raises the possibility that Ford is, well, “Not What He Seems.” That’s all well and good, and there are questions worth answering in that area; I’m fairly up front about not caring all that much about the big overarching mystery plot, because that almost always seems to lead to some manner of disappointment when one …

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