TV Club: Gravity Falls: “A Tale Of Two Stans”

Tonight’s extra-length Gravity Falls, “A Tale Of Two Stans,” is fully aware that it’s the big explanations episode. It repeatedly winks at the fact that, to a certain sector of the show’s fandom, the tragic history of the twins Stanford and Stanley Pines is going to run a very distant second to all the theories and conspiracies kicked around over the last three years—and yes, this show started three years ago, despite being only midway through its second season!—to explain the myriad mysteries surrounding Grunkle Stan and the journals. There’s Dipper, who squeals whenever the journals are mentioned and less than tactfully peppers the just returned Ford with questions about the town’s mysteries. There’s Soos, who warns the elder Pines twins that the story they tell better align with his fan fiction and keeps Wendy up deep into the wee hours of …

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