TV Club: Grandfathered tells a tale of two couples that aren’t couples

Since the pilot, Grandfathered has been floating two pairings in the air, but batting them just far enough away to keep them from seeming imminent. One has mostly lingered, with little moments here and there to bait ‘shippers and entice fans (with mostly great results). The other got shut down in a thoughtful, surprisingly grown-up way. Both get examined through the lens of co-parenting (or grand-parenting) in “The Biter,” which is merely the latest episode of Grandfathered to zig when you think it’s going to zag, and to do exactly what you expect without actually doing it.

Does it work? Mostly. The problem with a will-they-or-won’t-they is that, in almost all cases, you know they will, and eventually the anticipation becomes nothing more than a waiting game. Dramatic tension can only build for so long. In exercising restraint—or, to put it more plainly, in creating relationships that …

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