TV Club: Grandfathered serves up—and earns—an “awww” moment

And thus it was, in the ninth episode of the FOX series Grandfathered, the Grandfather did some parenting.

Somehow, so much of Grandfathered‘s energy has been focused on Jimmy’s growth—making mistakes, making discoveries, making Mexican fast food—that it’s been easy to miss the impact that Jimmy has had on Gerald’s life, for better or worse. What was great about “Jimmy & Son” was that while Jimmy was still kind of an ass sometimes, he acted like a parent. He meddled. He condescended. He imposed his will. And he had the best interests of his kid (and grandkid) at heart. That’s a big, big development.

And go figure—put the focus on Gerald, and just like that, Josh Peck has his best episode to date. It’s been interesting watching Peck straddle the line between his own energy, which still often smacks of Nickelodeon …

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