TV Club: Grandfathered goes full rom-com, with killer results

Just in case splitting the two will-they-won’t-they couples into their own storylines before the first commercial break wasn’t enough of a tip-off, Grandfathered would like to make its intentions for “The Boyfriend Experience” clear:

John Stamos (Jordin Althaus/FOX)

It’s going full Love Actually, but without being 60% lame.

It should come as no surprise that as it heads into the final stretch of its first season, Grandfathered chooses to focus on romantic love. While the Jimmy-Sara and Vanessa-Gerald dynamics were explored a great deal in the early episodes, things tapered off considerably after that. Yes, there were obvious moments of pining or jealousy peppered throughout, particularly where Jimmy was concerned, but for the most part the focus has been on familial love, and on Jimmy discovering the beauty and frequent inconveniences of having people sit so close to one’s heart.

Now, however, the show’s …

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