TV Club: Grandfathered divides (the cast) and conquers

Sometimes all you need is 90% silly and 10% solid. In “Budget Spa,” Grandfathered doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and it doesn’t swing for the fences (as some previous episodes have). What it does do, though, it does very well, delivering a solid episode that centers on two big stories with little subplots built in—and because it’s Grandfathered and thus never misses a chance to be just a little bit thoughtful, it ends with a scene that’s equal parts sweet, sad, and ‘shipper-bait.

But before we get to Jimmy and Sara’s tinfoil, let’s take some time to praise that ludicrous artichoke bit, and the smart set-up that allowed such a bit to exist. Jimmy dings Sara for not going out more (and in his defense, that’s one rough “Rock the Casbah” joke), she bats back about his constant need for validation from women …

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