TV Club: Grandfathered aims for something beyond sitcom and (mostly) nails it

File under “things I never thought I’d say about Grandfathered”: “Gerald Fierce” should probably have been an hour long.

That’s both praise and criticism—mostly praise. With “Gerald Fierce,” that slightly-different thing Grandfathered‘s been doing all season gets quite a bit more obvious. It felt a lot closer to something like Jane the Virgin, or Hulu’s Casual, or even Louie, than the rest of FOX’s Tuesday comedy block. That’s not to say that all of a sudden Danny Chun’s smart little show became something other than a sitcom, because it didn’t. One of the best things about Grandfathered is the way it wears its sitcom bonafides proudly, all the while quietly updating or subverting some of those bonafides. Diverse cast, non-traditional relationships,

So yes, “Gerald Fierce” is still very much a sitcom, filled with pratfalls and punchlines and bits, so many bits …

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