TV Club: Grace And Frankie wants to talk to you about masturbation

The ménage-a-moi has arrived on Grace And Frankie, and it’s got glow-in-the-dark control buttons, a soft-grip sleeve, easy-to-adjust angles, and a quiet buzz. The purple prototypes of Grace and Frankie’s first vibrators instantly become a great prop in the world of this show, and Grace and Frankie waste no time before trying them out. It gets the job done, and Grace and Frankie both wake up with a pancake breakfast after a night of multiple orgasms and zero arthritic pain. The episode starts from this fun and happy place. “Orgasms and pancakes with all the fixings? Best day ever!” Frankie declares, and I’m inclined to agree. But once the episode gets into its central conflict, everything starts to feel less organic and more like an episode of television trying to set up the pieces.

After self-testing the product, Grace tells Frankie it’s time to bring in …

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