TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Vows”

All too often, the penultimate episode of a season outperforms the season finale. Finales carry the burden of wrapping things up, of decrescendoing, even if they do end on a slight uptick to keep you craving the next season. This is certainly true for Grace And Frankie. “The Bachelor Party” was one of the season’s finest installments, and it could have easily been the finale. But the writers clearly felt the need to close up some storylines, so they go about doing so in “The Vows” in ways that, unfortunately, come across as clumsy.

Grace, for example, finally breaks up with Guy after some nudging from Frankie. But there’s a catch: She unknowingly breaks up with him while he’s on Ambien, so the next morning he remembers nothing. Then the real breakup happens off-screen. The Ambien twist doesn’t yield funny enough results to really warrant it …

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