TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Sex”

Grace And Frankie gets stuck when it keeps its eponymous characters too locked within their exaggerated personalities. Grace is uptight, and Frankie is free! They clash and hilarity ensues! It’s a simple formula that can sometimes yield easy laughs, but it isn’t sustainable. For the first few episodes of the series, Grace and Frankie weren’t the most interesting characters, because they were the most static. At the surface level of “The Sex,” Grace and Frankie are still fulfilling those polarized roles. But there’s a subtle role reversal that happens over the course of “The Sex” that sheds new light on the characters and, more importantly, their relationship to one another.

The pair begin the episode in their usual places. Things have been going well between Grace and Guy, and Frankie starts teasing her about sex. Grace remains expectedly buttoned up about the subject, refusing to say …

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