TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Secrets”

Too often on sitcoms, characters move on from conflicts too easily for the sake of moving the story forward. The most believable and relatable sitcom conflicts are ones that have long-term consequences for the characters, but that kind of drama can be hard to sell in the framework of a sitcom, where conflicts tend to wrap up by episode’s end. The Netflix model allows for more serialization and longer arcs, and Grace And Frankie has used that structure to craft really relatable conflict. One of my favorite examples is how Grace spent multiple episodes worrying about whether or not Frankie overheard her at the funeral. There’s a sense that when one character says or does something to another on this show, they don’t forget about it any time soon. “The Secrets,” however, seems to suffer from some short-term memory loss problems, casting aside some recent character work …

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