TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Invitation”

Most of television’s conflicts would be resolved in a matter of five minutes—or not even happen in the first place—if characters just said what they really meant, especially on sitcoms, where miscommunications and misunderstandings drive so much of the drama. Hell, so many conflicts in real life would be avoided if people just said what they mean and were honest about what they really want. But there are so many times when it’s tempting to tell harmless little lies: when you’re starting a new relationship, when you’re trying to protect your own feelings or the feelings of others, when you’re trying to diffuse tension. “The Invitation” hinges on emotional dishonesty and explores what happens when the characters finally come clean about what they really mean. And spoiler alert: The honesty works out…for the most part.

Grace’s relationship with Guy is going …

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