TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Fall”

After several episodes of dancing around and trying to find a point of view, “The Fall” is Grace And Frankie‘s most focused chapter. So far, Frankie has seemed to be the only one who has accepted her shared connection with Grace, so the writers needed to find a way to make Grace open up and finally come around to Frankie. After all, their relationship is what this show is really about, supposedly. And “The Fall” finally brings the complicated friendship to the surface, giving the show some forward momentum.

Grace begins the episode still worrying that Frankie overheard her mean words at the funeral. During a trip to the frozen yogurt shop, Grace slips and falls, landing her in the hospital in need of hip surgery. There, she fights with Frankie, taking out her fears of loneliness on her, only to eventually realize she’s the only reason she …

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