TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Elevator”

According to the laws of comedy, if you’re going to put all of your main characters in an elevator together, that elevator has to get stuck, especially if those characters don’t really like one another, and double especially if they’re getting into the elevator after a major life event like, say, divorce arbitration. The second Grace, Frankie, Robert, Sol, and Bud stepped into that elevator, they were all doomed. But “The Elevator” employs the stuck-in-an-elevator trope to lay illuminating character groundwork that retroactively gives context for some of the show’s most significant emotional beats. Thankfully, the episode doesn’t force the characters to work through their issues in real time in the elevator. That would have felt, well, suffocating. Instead, the writers use their characters’ forced proximity to allow them to collectively reflect on the past, employing another classic comedy trope: the flashback episode.

The bulk …

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