TV Club: Grace And Frankie: “The Earthquake”

Grace and Frankie both experience earth-shattering events in “The Earthquake.” As the title suggests, there’s a literal earthquake that kicks Frankie’s extreme seismophobia into gear. Sol rushes to her, knowing just the right things to do to calm her down. It’s another touching moment for the two, and Sam Waterston and Lily Tomlin have such great chemistry that they elevate their scenes together, effectively capturing the nuances of their characters’ close but complicated dynamic.

Take, for example, Frankie’s line “I’m sorry I asked. Kind of,” after Sol tells her—at her request—the story of how he and Robert first kissed. There’s nothing all that noticeable about Tomlin’s delivery of the first part, but the “kind of” sneaks up on you. She lets it slip out so spontaneously that it could have very easily been adlibbed. She throws in a soft laugh after …

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